Find Crossdresser Friends Nearby

Crossdresser Heaven offers an online community that helps you meet people from around the world, and find friends nearby you can grow close with. 

Finding online friends is as easy as:

  1. Fill out your city, state or province and country in your profile
  2. Search for people who live in the same city, state/province or country
  3. Add them as a friend and send them a private message

Remember, when meeting someone online for the first time take precautions. Meet in a safe, neutral place like a mall or busy park if you're comfortable going out en femme, or perhaps meet in drab for the first time.

How to Edit Your Profile

  • Log in to your Crossdresser Heaven Account
  • Hover over the menu on the top right where you see your name and profile photo
  • Click Profile

Selecting your Crossdresser Heaven Profile

  • You will be taken to your Crossdresser Heaven profile
  • Click Edit
  • Next to Femme Name Click About

Editing Your Crossdresser Heaven Profile

  • Enter your City, State or Province and select your country from the list
  • If you don't see your country, contact us and we'll get your country added to the list
  • Click Save Changes

Adding City, State or Province and Country to Your ProfileSearching for Friends Nearby

There are two ways to search for friends nearby

  1. Go to the Crossdresser Heaven Community and search for the City, State or Province, or Country where you live
  2. Go to your profile and click on your City, State or Province, or Country

Below you can see what it looks like when searching for members who live in Seattle.

Finding crossdresser friends in Seattle

Best wishes finding your community, both here on Crossdresser Heaven and near where you live!

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