New Features

Major new features and updates to Crossdresser Heaven will be listed here - check back often to see what we've improved!

Crossdresser Heaven Local Places

July 17th, 2016

Find local places nearby that are friendly to the transgender community.

Show Notifications for Activity Comments

June 26th, 2016

Notifications are now shown when someone comments on your activity, making it easier to see when your friends and active in the community.

Screen notifications

Register a new Account from the Mobile App

June 26th, 2016

It is now possible to register an account from the iOS and Android mobile apps. Select the home tab, and then click Register

Chat with Groups you are a Member Of

June 26th, 2016

Groups you are a member of will now be shown in the chatroom lobby. This is a great opportunity to form a group and stay in touch with them whether in a chatroom, forum or the group itself. Find your tribe!

Lady and Baroness Members can Change Chat Settings

June 26th, 2016

Lady and Baroness members can change chat settings, such as muting the notification sound. Head over here for full instructions on how to change chat settings.

Lady and Baroness Members can Receive Private Chats

June 26th, 2016

Lady and Baroness members can now receive private chats from Duchess and Princess members. However Lady and Baroness members will be required to upgrade to respond to a private chat. When attempting to respond to a private chat, a dialog will be shown. Upgrade your account to private chat.

Private Chat

Private Chat with Members From Embedded Chatroom

June 26th, 2016

You can now start a private chat directly from a chatroom. Just click on the name of a person in the chat room and you'll be able to start a private chat. Only Duchess and Princess members will be able to private chat. Upgrade your account.

Member name

Private chat from embedded chatroom

Visit Profile In Chat Goes to Profile

June 11th 2016

When you click Visit Profile in chat it will not take you to the member's profile page instead of their activity stream. This makes it easier to see who you're talking to.

Default Subscribe to Forum Posts

May 30th 2016

When posting a new forum topic or reply you the default is now to notify you by email of a reply you received. You can uncheck the checkbox if you don't want to receive follow-up replies via email. Your selection will be remembered for your browsing session, so you won't need to change it each time if you're busy in the forums.

This is a great way to stay engaged with the Crossdresser Heaven community!

As part of this change we also made the emails from Crossdresser Heaven easier to find by adding an avatar that is displayed in some email apps, like Gmail.

See All Articles on Crossdresser Heaven

May 29th 2016

Added a menu option to see all articles on the website. Hover over Articles and click All Articles.

See How Many People Have Read Your Article


Added a menu option to see how many people have read your article. Hover over Author and click View Article Analytics.

Click the graph icon next to one of your published posts, and you'll see how many people have read your article. 795 in the example below.

May 26th 2016 - Easily Add An Author Bio

It's now just two steps to update your author bio. Hover over Author and click Edit Author Profile.

Add or edit your bio, and then click Update.

Your bio is shown underneath every article you write - as in this example from Cynthia.

May 24th 2016 - Public Photo Gallery

Our public photo gallery has been released! All members will get 5 free photo uploads. Baroness members will get 50, Duchess 500 and princess 5,000 photo uploads. This is a great way to share your latest look, get feedback on your makeup and inspiration from others.

You can find it at and you can upload new photos at

As with all images on Crossdresser Heaven, please keep your photos family friendly and something that you would be happy to see your daughter wearing in public.

I'm looking forward to seeing your latest looks!

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