Accepting Friend Requests

If you are new to Crossdresser Heaven, you may have questions about accepting friendship requests or “adds” as they’re called. This help article explains how to do this.

Steps to accept a friend request:

  1. Know you have a friend request by seeing the notification in the top menu bar
  2. Hover over your name, then hover over Friends and select Pending Friend Requests
  3. Click Accept to accept a friend request

How to Accept Friend Requests

  • A magenta ball in the upper right next to your screen name will indicate you have messages and/or other notifications.

Crossdresser Heaven Friend Notifications

  • To act on the request, hover on your user name in the upper right.

Crossdresser Heaven Menu

  • Hover over the Friends menu selection. A sub-menu will open:

Friends Sub Menu

  • Click Pending Requests. You will see 1 or more requests:

Pending Friends Request

  • Choose Accept or Reject. If you accept, you will see the following change:

Friendship accepted

That's it! You're making friends in the community. Remember to send a message to your new friend thanking them for their friendship.

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