Change Your Femme Name

Sometimes you may want to change or modify your femme name. Changing your name is easy, and this article will explain how to do this.

Steps to change your femme name:

  1. Hover over your name, then hover over Profile
  2. Click Edit
  3. Scroll down to the Name (required) field
  4. Change your name to suit your liking
  5. Click Save Changes

How To Change Your Femme Name

  • To change your name, access the menu system by hovering over your name. Choose Profile, then Edit.

Edit Your Crossdresser Heaven Profile

  • After a new page is displayed, scroll down to the Name (required) field.

Change your femme name

  • Change your name, and click on Save Changes

New Name

That’s It! Your new name will now show up in the forums.

Final note: If you are in chat, your name will show up in the user list, but it may not show up in the chat posts. To remedy, log out of Crossdresser Heaven, close all browser windows, open a new browser window and and log back in.

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