Add a Profile Photo on Your Computer

If you are new to Crossdresser Heaven you may have a favorite photo to use as your profile picture. If you don’t have a picture, the site has quite a few avatars to choose from as well.

Steps to upload a photo from your PC

  1. If you already have a photo skip steps 2, and 3.
  2. If you don’t have a photo, log in and navigate to the profile-photos area of the site to  choose an avatar
  3. Download the avatar by right clicking on the desired avatar. Choose Save Link As to save the avatar image in a preferred location on your computer
  4. Hover over your name, then hover over Profile
  5. From the menu, choose Change Profile Photo
  6. Scroll down past the text box to get to the file upload box
  7. Click on the Select Your File button in the middle of the upload area -OR- drag your photo into the upload area
  8. Crop the photo by dragging the highlighted square with your mouse
  9. Click on the Crop Image button. Your photo will now be viewable in your profile

How to Upload a Profile Photo from your PC

Note: If you don’t have a picture to upload of yourself, you may choose an avatar from one of many we have on the site. If you already have a photo, skip the avatar steps below, and go to the section Uploading a Picture to Your Profile.

Choosing an Avatar

To choose an avatar, please log in and visit the profile-photos area. You should see something similar to this:


Choose an avatar that you like. To download it, right click on the avatar, choose Save Link As from the menu and then you should get a window similar to the one below:

Choose image

Choose a location to save the avatar.

Uploading a Picture to Your Profile

Note: If you have your own photo, and did not choose an avatar previously, make sure you are logged in

Access the menu system by hovering over your name in the upper right. Choose Profile, then in the sub-menu choose Change Profile Photo.

Change Profile Photo Menu

You should then see a the following in your browser window:

Profile Tab

Read the text in the box above, then your your mouse to scroll down to the file upload box:

Photo Upload

You have two choices here. You can drag and drop your file into the dashed box, or you can click the Select your File button to bring up an upload window similar to the one below:

File Dialog

Navigate to your picture file, then click open to upload your picture file. Once your picture uploads, you will be given the opportunity to crop the picture so that it looks as you would like it to in your profile:

Crop Image

Use your mouse to move the highlighted square around to get a look that you like, then click the Crop Image button to the right.

Once you click Crop Image, your profile picture is saved.

Your profile picture will now be available in chat, your profile, and in your forum comments.

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